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Christmas Hamper #2

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We have put together a collection of Christmas Hampers.

Christmas Hamper #2

250g pack of roast coffee

Australian coffee grown and roasted right here at Skybury Coffee, 

PURE Vapour Balm - Clear, warm and soothe naturally with PURE Vapour Balm.

PURE Vapour Balm is an all-natural gentle formula to soothe & clear. Breathe easy with this natural & warming blend of traditional Australian Essential Oils & Herbs including Organic Papaya.

Special edition lets scrub 2020 hand craft coffee scrub featuring Skybury coffee.   This are a great gift idea and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!!!  They are available for a limited time only.

Our coffee scrub is packed with ingredients that are great for neutralising free radicals, boost collagen production, smooth cellulite and nourishes all skin types to leave it healthy and glowing.  

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