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Skybury Papaya Schnapps - 700ml

Liquor | In stock | kg

A true fruit brandy created from luscious papaya grown in Tropical North Queensland.  With a mildly sweet, delicate papaya flavor profile, this creamy schnapps is ideal to freezer chill or add a kick to your favourite cocktail recipes.

Skybury Schnapps is the happy outcome of a collaboration between Skybury Farms and FNQ Spirits, an Aussie craft distillery.  Our passion is showcasing local produce by creating high quality products derived from the essence of Tropical North Queensland.  We stand on our principles of Australian made, family operated, hard work and local community connections. 

20 ABV

Please note:  this product can only be purchased by customers over the age of 18.  Our liqueurs and spirits do not attract free postage.

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