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Shade Grown Coffee

In 2017, Skybury released its first harvest of shade grown coffee. The 100% Arabica coffee trees were grown initially in the shade of papaya plants, giving the young coffee protection in its first two to three years of growth following planting. Skybury is the largest grower of red papaya in Australia and a major coffee exporter, meaning it made economic as well as environmental sense to make papaya the overstory crop and coffee the understory.
The virgin shade grown coffee is a first for Australia, as well as Skybury. Double cropping and the production of its virgin shade grown coffee is just one element of Skybury’s motto to farm smarter, not bigger.  The 470 acre farm runs under its own Environmental Action Plan, which transforms a green manifesto into a commercially effective business.  Papaya and coffee are a match made in heaven for double cropping because they have similar nutrient requirements.
Growing in the shade of the papaya, the coffee tree’s accelerated growth means a two-year-old coffee tree looks more like a four-year-old tree and is therefore ready for harvesting in a much shorter timeframe. The shade also offers great natural weed and insect control.
Using double cropping is the trifecta for Skybury – water efficiency, land efficiency and environmental advances, but double cropping doesn’t mean double growing costs – the increase overall is only about 25%.  The shade does change the taste profile of the coffee – it’s more complex with a touch more acidity and lingering chocolate notes.