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Roasting coffee is a bit like cooking popcorn. When the first pop (or ‘crack’) is heard, the sugars in the coffee are starting to caramelise giving the coffee its body and flavour.

After the second crack the caramelisation is finished – this is when the strength of the coffee is determined. The longer the roast, the sharper the taste.

A light roast allows the true taste characteristics of the coffee to be detected. A dark roast masks the distinctions in coffee as the sweetness and aroma are burned off.

Skybury roasts its coffee for 12 to 14 minutes to bring out the optimum flavour profile of the bean.

The mark of any good coffee is a the “crema” or cream on top of the coffee. This is the oil content of the coffee coming through and indicates that the coffee is of a high quality and has been extracted correctly.