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Skybury Papaya

Carica Papaya belongs to the family Caricaceae and is native to the tropics of the Americas. The papaya tree is actually a large herb, growing at the rate of two metres in the first year and reaching six to nine metres in height.
At Skybury, a sweet aromatic and firm fleshed red variety of papaya is grown, which is ideally suited to the Tropical Atherton Tablelands climate.
Skybury was the first commercial plantation to introduce the larger red varieties to the Australian market and today has grown to become the country's largest producer.  Skybury produces over three million pieces of fruit per annum and supplies on average of around 50% of all the fruit domestically. 
Skybury's fruit is picked from the trees when they first show colour, this ensures maximum natural sweetness and taste. The Skybury papaya is known for having the most delicious taste.