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Coffee Conversations

Mark MacLaughlin

Manager Plant Health

May 2020

Coffee harvest is fast approaching and that means it's time to service the coffee harvester and processing plant.  The crop is looking really good this year, off the back of a great flowering in September.  Many of our customers overseas are already asking us when the new crop will be ready!!

We have also got 25,000 coffee seedlings in our nursery at the moment, which will be planted in the field over the next six months of so.  We plant our coffee and papaya trees together, where the fast growing papaya trees provide welcome shade for the young coffee trees.  You can read more about our shade grown coffee here. 

As you can see from my picture, Candy and Paul once again forced me in front of the camera for a photos hoot to promote our roast coffee.  As you can see from the state of my work shirt, I was not prepared!!!